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Outline of Treatment

The following treatments are included in this holistic protocol:

1) Assessment of the face and areas of concern

2) Photographs of the face pre treatment, mid treatment and at end of treatment

3) Information package on further methods to enhance skin health

4) Application of Melrose* essential oil or Acne Beauty Serum*to acne sites.

5) Local Micro-current stimulation to the acne sites to reduce inflammation and infection and promote tissue healing 6) Use of steam bath pre treatment (optional)

7) Information will be provided on *natural skin care products, Young Living Orange Blossom Face Wash, ART Foaming cleanser, A.R.T. Toner, ART Orchid Renewal serum and Sandalwood Moisture Cream

8) Diet and lifestyle advice specific to Acne

* these product contains pure therapeutic grade essential oils. It is highly recommended that you purchase a bottle for regular home use.

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