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Other Protocols we offer. 

Cellulite Protocol

The cellulite protocol will start with MERIDIAN BALANCING, ETR and feathering. There treatments will be influential for increasing circulation in blood vessels and nourishing connective tissue and skin health. This will also include BALANCING of hormones, supporting normal blood pressure, restoring fluid balance and inflammation.

Supplements: Ningxia Red, OmegaGize3, Longevity capsules, Essentialzyme4, Sulfurzyme, Citrus oils in water

Topical: Cel-lite Magic Massage oil

Insomnia Protocol

Let us aid you into good night's sleep. We will do MERIDIAN BALANCING followed by doing a protocol on different body points. This will help calm, relax and balance your body. By reducing stress and calming an overactive mind we will help releive insomnia.

Essential oils: Lavender, Tranquil

Internally: Sleep essence, ImmuPro

Scar Treatment

Whether it be a keloid scar, normal scar, acne scar or stretch marks, new and old we have a treatment for you. We will do a MERIDIAN BALANCING, and ETR followed by feathering over the scar. If you have a fairly new wound and want to prevent scaring we recommend that you have an ETR treatment as soon as possible. A 10-15 minute micro plus treatment for 3-7 days per week would also help.

Topical treatment: Claraderm, Lavenderm cooling mist, Lavender and gentle baby.

Nutrition Support: Ningxia Red Juice (anti oxidant), OmegaGize3 (anti inflammatory), Probiotics (immune system), Vit D3 (proper gene function), Sulfurzyme (collagen repair)

Pain Protocol

Let us help relieve some of that pain. We will start with meridian balancing. Our protocol will help with hormone balancing, calming, headaches, eye disorders and pain.

This will also support normal blood pressure. You may even like to try our Micro Plus Machine.

Essential oils: Deep Relief, Pan Away, Peppermint combo of: Copaiba, Frankincense and Idaho Balsam For

Internally: Ningxia Red and Sulfurzyme

Dry/Oily Skin Protocol

Protocol for dry or oily skin would be z meridian balancing plus additional acupuncture points to balance hormones, master skin points for moisturizing and balance sebaceous glands in head area.

Critical: basic nutritional supplements (fish oil, antioxidant juice) plus ART skin care products.

Cold and Flu Protocol

Our cold/flu protocol starts with MERIDIAN BALANCING followed with a microcurrent treatment. This will balance your immune system and help with your head and neck symptoms by reducing inflammation and clearing up those sinuses. This treatment will aid in getting back that loss of smell and taste. Also a great protocol for nose bleeds.

Essential oils: Eucalyptus, Lemon, Peppermint, Theives and R.C.

Internally: Ningxia Red and Life 9

Smoking Cessation

A tough habit to kick! Let us help you. Our protocol will start with a MERIDIAN BALANCING along with a protocol on body points. Aside from calming, relaxing and BALANCING the body; we will go after that powerful addiction control point and also support liver detoxification and lung health.

Essential oils: Cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, Peppermint, Roman chamomile and salary sage. Blends: Thrives, harmony, juvacleanse, peace and calming

Supplementation: Master formula (multi vitamin), vitamin C, Sulfurzyme and a nutritive body cleanse

Plus deep breathing exercises along with water consumption.

Hands and De'Collete' Protocol

The protocol for hands and De'Collete would be by way of using the Micro Plus Machine. This would be for 15-30 minutes each visit.