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Physical, emotional & energetic transformation through the complete removal of residual tension from all areas of the body.

~ Calm the Mind ~ Calm the Body ~

What is Raynor Massage?

The primary goal of Raynor massage is to relieve residual tension and muscle tightness while the body is at rest, returning the body to its natural state of relaxation. Raynor massage is a mix of Deep Tissue, Sport, Shiatsu, Reflexology and Head Massage. This massage is not performed in a generic manner, as each client has their own specific needs. It also focuses on parts of the body that are often neglected by traditional massage therapists, such as the abdomen, sacrum, hips, feet, hands, and head. These areas tend to hold a lot of stagnation and blockage and freeing them up will generally have a great benefit not just to the areas concerned but the whole being.


Raynor Massage can be used to treat a whole range of different health problems such as lower back pain, sciatica, frozen shoulder, facial tension, abdominal problems and discomfort, tennis elbow and many more problems as well as general stress. Raynor massage is also a great form of sports massage for those looking to address pain and injury from strenuous physical activities.

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