Essentially All Rejuvenation 


Scar Treatment

Whether it be a keloid scar, normal scar, acne scar or stretch marks, new and old we have a treatment for you. We will do a MERIDIAN BALANCING, and ETR followed by feathering over the scar. If you have a fairly new wound and want to prevent scaring we recommend that you have an ETR treatment as soon as possible. A 10-15 minute micro plus treatment for 3-7 days per week would also help.

Topical treatment: Claraderm, Lavenderm cooling mist, Lavender and gentle baby.

Nutrition Support: Ningxia Red Juice (anti oxidant), OmegaGize3 (anti inflammatory), Probiotics (immune system), Vit D3 (proper gene function), Sulfurzyme (collagen repair)